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18th March 2020


Ashleigh Wolferstan

President PNNC




PNNC Members

Attn: All Parents and Members




The Port Noarlunga Netball Club wish to provide our members the most current and up-to-date information pertaining to the CV-19 outbreak/pandemic, based on information provided to us by reputable health services & medical professionals, restrictions and strategies placed by our current government and any further direction provided by our governing body Netball SA.


This time is a very stressful and chaotic time for our community, with the uncertainty of how best to continue. However, we want to assure our members that your health and wellbeing is at the top of our priority list in managing our club operations moving forward. We also understand that new information is coming to light every day and at times every hour, with this ever changing data provided and the trends and behaviours of the virus being researched and analysed, the world is starting to produce strategies and measures to keep people as safe as possible. However, it is inevitable that the virus will spread, but what we are trying to do is slow the spread.


Today, as of 11.30am, after the PM recent address to the nation. Our committee have been collaborating and deciding what is our best course of action for our club at this time of the pandemic break. We have made the decision to continue our current operations and keep our doors open. We have put strategies in place to assist in our hygiene practices and restrictions put in place by the government.




The following Restrictions have been placed on our nation and we must follow these to the best of our ability.

  • Ban on 100 people or more with indoor areas
  • Ban on 500 people or more in outdoor areas
  • Social Distancing (to best of our ability)
  • If you are feeling unwell, to not attend until you are well again.


PNNC have reviewed today’s fact sheet (attached for you) and information provided, the trends for children is different to trends for elderly. Therefore, the club will be implementing the following strategies within our club operations to maintain our services to the community.



o   Any elderly members (70years +), grandparents, supporters from attending our courts whilst the club is training/playing until further notice.



o   (One)1 or Max two (2) Spectators per player in attendance – Includes Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Brothers, Sisters, Cousins, Friends – For training we accept and encourage a drop and go scenario, as



long as the coaches are informed you are doing so. To ensure we keep our junior players safe and accounted for at all times.

o   Alternatively, we ask that parents stay out of our court playing areas at all times and prefer you stay in your cars whilst training is on. Helps to minimise risks and to ensure we stay within the Ban limits set.




    • Restrict members from entering the club rooms, unless you are from an official capacity or to use the toilet. We ask that members waiting to use the toilet and/or see someone in the clubrooms follow and adhere to the social distancing rule of 1.5m around you (as best you can, common sense rule applies here).
    • Should children be waiting for parents, they must do so outside (not in the clubrooms), so ensure that you come well prepared with Jackets and blankets should the weather drop in temperature.



We ask all parents and players to be responsible for the following hygiene rules we have implemented below. We ask that you all follow our rules to help stop the spread around our courts.


ü  All players must wash their hand with soap and water before entering our courts/playing area and upon exiting our courts (we will be opening up the toilet block also for this to occur).

ü  All players must wash their hands after using the toilet and re-entering the courts.

ü  Hand Sanitizer at this time is difficult to find to purchase – so we are encouraging washing hands with soap and water as often as possible and practical.



ü   All equipment must and will be sterilised between uses with antibacterial spray.



ü   All balls must be sprayed with disinfectant as much as possible during trainings to help stop the spread of germs and;

ü  At the end of each team’s training/usage, will be dunked in our disinfectant container and placed on the ball rack to air dry ready for the next group.



ü  Hand Shaking/high fiving is NOT encouraged to occur, but should you choose to greet or congratulate one another please use the toe tap method.

ü  We understand that our sport is contact and does have many chances of germs spreading via balls and equipment plus players will have some body contact and touching with each other, but we feel this will assist in minimising the contact where possible.

ü  When coaches need to explain drills and skills – huddles may occur, but we ask coaches to minimise this method as much as possible and to adhere to social distancing method as much as possible.



ü  Will be cleaned, wiped down & Floors moped at the start of training night and at the end of training night.

ü  Surfaces will be wiped down often

ü  Hands will be washed with soap and water as often as possible.

ü  Gloves will be used in the canteen area when handling money. However, we would prefer members to pay for anything via EFT rather than money exchange at this time.


Provided this morning on the PM address, he noted if we were to suspend our play and trainings, we need to ensure our restrictions are set in place for long term approach (6months), closing the door for a week or two is not helpful nor will it reduce the chance of players contracting the virus. He noted it is better to place restrictions to help minimise the risk, and these restrictions be sustainable and suitable for a 6month approach.


At this point in time no-one knows how long this virus will take to run its course and what is right approach for today may not be the right approach tomorrow.


We need to behave in a cautious way and will continue to monitor this virus and information provided to us and adjust our strategies when needed.


ü  Should any member/player have compromised immune systems – please follow the directions of your health professional and advise the club accordingly of your plan and if you are unable to attend.


ü  Should any member/player feel worried or anxious and choose not to attend training(s), please let your coaches know.


If you are feeling unwell or are unwell, do the right thing and stay home. You may not have CV19 but you are more susceptible to contract it, if anyone becomes infected and is unknown to the player.


ü  Any member who are being tested for CV-19, please advise our club as soon as possible.

ü  If you receive a positive test result for CV-19, please advise our club immediately.

ü  Should our netball family have any positive test cases, we will close the doors and sterilise (as schools are doing) for a 48hr period minimum and re-assess the closing period based on a case by case basis and directions of health authorities.


We would like to thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this time.


Kind Regards


Ashleigh Wolferstan

PNNC President